Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oct 2012

Here are our invitations for our Annual Pumpkin Carving Party.

 Kamaile & Kazen wanted to show off their work
The "before" invitation...
 Here we are at the pumpkin patch.
 Harper with her pumpkin.

 Uncle Tristan with the girls, Adyson, Kalei & Kamaile.
 Adyson at the petting place at the pumpkin patch.
 The girls in their costumes. Adyson a Fairy, Kamaile the cow, Harper who is Belle and Kalei the sheep.
 Egyptian People.  Who is that guy with the white feet and makeup?
 Pumpkins, pumpkins pumpkins...

 We had a lot of fun. Every year we have a serve yourself soup and dessert table.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Reunion time

Rodeback Reunion. We had a slide show for the family that represented each member of the family. We are 90 Strong. After the slide show we presented everyone with their "dog tags" and then we stamped our Family number on the back
 Each family wore their own color bracelets too. Ours of course was orange

 Each family unit held up a letter to spell out Rodeback. (more pictures to come)

One of our crafts was the "branding". Thaoe and Spencer worked on a logo for each family. 
Can you make out each family??  Mom & Dad's Brand in on the top left. 
Making our Cookie Recipe books. 

 Scavenger hunt was one of our activities. I just love this one of Keenan.  (Someone was suppose to be IN A TREE).

  We also had a Cookie Contest.  YUM OH.... Elaine made Skookies. Chocolate chip cookies baked in small cast iron skillets. Yes we all devoured them...

Lots of pictures of the reunion. I will be making CDs of all the pictures and will include the slideshow for anyone who wants one.  See ya next year at reunion.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oct Nov Dec 2010

Happy New YEAR..

October was our annual Pumpkin carving party And then Halloween of course. The kids were Batman theme.. We had Batman and the rest were villians Even the grandchildren... For our Anniversary we went back to the Glass Museum (last time all my pictures were destroyed)

Thaoe and I the day after the blizzard by our BIG purple bush in the front of the house.

We got our Newsletter ready and made ornaments instead of cards this year. Here are our "cards".

Here is after Santa came. I made all of the stockings. I have another one to make this year as Amber is Due in May. Will it be a Boy???

Thaoe got all of the boys (and Crystal) Beanies of their Fantasy Football teams. Kalei just wanted to be in the pictures. Then it was off to Idaho for the annual trek back to BYU-I.. It was bitter cold. We even got stuck in Butte Montana as they closed I-15. It was -26 yes that is a MINUS 26. So off to a motel it was.. We finally made it the next day. Home again to a house full of needs: Window framing, redo Both bathrooms are a few of the chores. We will keep you posted with pictures later.. Happy New year to all 2011.....
Yes Empty Nesters AGAIN!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

may june july aug

May: Mother's day at the lilac garden. My Favorite flower is the lilac. The Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens in Woodland Wa.
June: Father's Day Home Improvement: New window in the kitchen.
July: My mom's Watermelon cake Thaoe's birthday.
August: Rodeback Reunion
September: Crystal's Birthday. Amber and I made her Chinese take out cake.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jan Feb Mar April

Jan spent the new year helping the kids get settled in Idaho. Jan Kamaile's first birthday. February went to Longview to Oak Tree for Valentines Day. Quite the experience. Bad Service etc but a good time with Brian & Jenni. March Kalei's birthday. Amber has been with us for the past three weeks and we have had fun doing crafts.


Mar 31, Amber and I took a Psanky class here area few of our eggs we did. Ours are on the right side the 3 in the middle. Mine is the one in the very middle. Very fun. Amber and I are buying a kit to do more. Apparently these are made at christmas time for ornaments.

April was Easter.. lots of family stuff. We colored easter eggs. The football was one of Spencer's creations. Thaoe and I purchased these $1 sand pails for the girls and put their names on them. We filled them with clothes for the girls.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Blues

November we celebrated with Thanksgiving Breakfast. Biscuits and Gravy as everyone went their separate ways later that day. Kamaile enjoying her biscuit.

December Christmas time we celebrated with just our family in the morning and then again the girls went to their in-laws. That night we went to my family for Christmas dinner. my mother with her book we made for her of her "travels". For the Grandkids we gave all the little kids sleeping bags. Spencer & Adyson showing off the Mountain Dew Blanket I made for him & a car blanker for Adyson. Amber and I showing off our Holiday earrings.
Kalei decorating the Tree.

December 28 Amber left back to Rexburg
Dec 30 Crystal & Josh moved to Tri-cities. Dec 31 Tristan left for Rexburg. Yes we are now empty nesters. It is soo quiet here. We are busy trying to get the house in order and re decorating. (mainly moving furniture around and re painting..)